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The Navrongo Health Research Centre (NHRC) started out in 1988 as a field site in Northern Ghana for a study to investigate the impact of repeated large doses of Vitamin A Supplementation on child survival in the Kassena-Nankana District of Upper East Region (The Ghana VAST Project).In 1992, the Ministry of Health adopted the facility that had been created and designated it a research. Since then, the mandate has broadened to include population and health problems of national and international significance.

The work of the Centre is focused on the major causes of illness in the northern regions and related problems of high fertility and maternal morbidity. NHRC is a member of the INDEPTH-Network.org. and runs a Demographic surveillance system at it's sister institution in Nouna. The NHRC recently conducted a maternal health study with funding from the World Bank with the overall goal of improving maternal health outcomes in northern Ghana as part of global efforts to achieve Millennium Development Goal five (reduction of maternal mortality by 75 percent from 1990 levels).The NHRC has collaborated with several reputable institutions in the conduct of its research. Research in NHRC has been supported by many donors including USAID, WHO, Rockefeller Foundation and the NIH among other agencies.

Dr. John Williams
MB.ChB, M.A. (Population Studies) Dip. GUM and Venereology
Team leaderJohn Williams - Has been working as a medical doctor in Ghana for 19 years. Has had over 10 years of practice in hospitals in Ghana. He also has over six years of research experience working mainly in the area of reproductive health. In the last two years, he led a World Bank sponsored Maternal Health Study conducted in the Kassena-Nankana district. He has worked as a Co-investigator and subsequently Principal investigator on the Community Health and Family Planning project which has since led to a policy change in community health service delivery in Ghana.
Dr. Abraham Hodgson



Director of NHRCAbraham Hodgson - A medical doctor and public health specialist who has been director of the Navrongo Health Research Centre since 2000. He has conducted research mainly in cerebrospinal meningitis. He was a Co-investigator on the World Bank sponsored maternal Health Study carried out by the NHRC recently.
Dr. Patricia Akweongo
B.A., M.A., PhD
Health EconomistPatricia Akweongo - A health economist who has worked at the NHRC since 1995. Dr. Akweongo was also a Co-investigator on the World Bank sponsored Maternal Health Study conducted by the NHRC recently.
Nathan MensahData Manager/IT 

Dr. Gloria Quansah

External Consultant 
Dr. Patrick AboagyeExternal Consultant 
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