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The Division of International Health Research (IHCAR) at Karolinska Institutet (KI), has become the most active setting for international health research in Sweden with extensive experience in the design, planning and evaluation of development aid projects in the health sector. It provides policy recommendations for partners such as the WHO, UNDP, World bank, UNICEF, Sida and the EC and has collaborated extensively in projects concerning maternal health, including several in Tanzania.
The Division of Clincal Pharmacology at Karolinska University Hospital,has extensive collaboration with academic institutions in low and middle-income countries in Africa. The Division has developed a training program in drug informatics and has developed, implemented and evaluated computerized prescribing tools for rational use of drugs, which are of relevance also for low-income countries.
Prof. Lars L Gustafsson
 Lars L Gustafsson - Anesthesiologist and clinical pharmacologist with extensive experience of development and research on computerized support systems and collaboration with institutions in low and middle-income countries. He is head of the tropical clinical pharmacological program at the Division of Clinical Pharmacology. He has participated in research projects in Tanzania (SAREC and EU-supported malaria programs) and Uganda.

Prof. Göran Tomson


Göran Tomson - Paediatrician, professor in intl. health systems research, with experience from many INCO-DEV projects in Africa and Asia including POVILL, MAMOP (Burkina Faso & Tanzania) and ARVMAC (Uganda, Tanzania & Burkina Faso) and a member of WHO expert panel on drug policy and management. He has extensive experience in health systems research, esp. targeted interventions aimed at improving health worker performance.

Jaran Eriksen
 Jaran Eriksen - Physician with a PhD in clinical pharmacology and international health studying case management of malaria in Tanzania. He has worked in a SAREC Malaria project in Tanzania and the INCO-DEV MAMOP project (Tanznaia & Burkina Faso). He is currently working with the ARVMAC project (Uganda, Tanzania & Burkina Faso).
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