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logoThe QUALMAT project is of direct relevance in accelerating the progress on reducing maternal, neonatal and child mortality as outlined by the European Commission and the WHO. The project involves national stakeholders from the onset to maximize opportunities to get Research into Policy and Practice (GRIPP). QUALMAT follows the intention of the EuropeAid Cooperation office by “contributing to improve maternal health” and “reforming human resources policies”.

The priority for maternal health is also embedded in the development policies of the three European partner countries and hence their development aid agencies, through SIDA (Sweden), GTZ (German) and the cooperation agencies of Belgium. A recent EC report on North-South partnerships reviewing 20 years of health system research support through international co-operation, concluded that further efforts are needed to overcome” know-do” gap.

The project is fully in line with EC policy to achieve MDGs in its focus on the vulnerable groups, as well as mothers and children’s health. The programme of Community action in the field of health and consumer protection brings together policies and programmes on public health and consumer protection within a single framework in order to make EU policy more effective for the public. QUALMAT addresses the second element of the Union's approach for maternal and child health care recognizing the patient as a partner in the provider-patient relationship.

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