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The CRSN is a research institution of the Ministry of Health in Burkina Faso, and a formal partner of the Dept. of Tropical Hygiene and Public Health, Heidelberg University (since 1990). The centre runs a demographic surveillance system as a member of the www.INDEPTH-network.org. The CRSN performs studies on quality and access to health care delivery.
It has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative studies in the field of maternal and child health. The CRSN has a strong background on working in partnership with numerous international collaborative research projects funded by EU, IRDC and the Volkswagen Foundation.

Dr Ali Sié,
MD, PhD Candidate
Team leaderAli Sié - Director of the CRSN since January 2006. He is currently the Nouna team leader on “Disease Control” research for the Ministry of Health and the local PI on EU ARVMAC project (Uganda, Tanzania & Burkina Faso)
Mr Germain Savadogo, Economist, MPH Germain Savadogo -Has an extensive experience in Health System planning and costing of health services. He is currently responsible for the development project on Community based insurance (CBI) at Nouna in Burkina Faso since January 2007, he is also charged of the costing of health services in the Nouna’s District.
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